Your Rose Garden Planting

Bob Roy

Sometime during the year you will probably plant roses in
your rose garden. There are many opinions on how to do
this but I will tell you what has worked for me.

First let me distinguish planting rose into the rose garden
that are dormant plants compared with those grown in pots
or containers.

Roses which are dormant and bare roots grow well but
usually don't bloom as long as those in the containers or
pots. The latter are usually growing and not dormant.
If you are buying dormant plants make sure that you are
getting #1 grade. These will give you a much better crop
during the summer to your rose garden.

Preparing The Soil

Pick an area that will get at least 5-6 hours of sunlight a
day. Sun is a very important part of the growth cycle of your
rose garden.

The soil should be a good loam and can be mixed with
some clay. The loam should be down to a depth of at least
12-15 inches. Dig the soil out for the plant so that it will fit
the plant with no damage to the roots and that the first bud
spike will set about an inch below the surface.

I would also suggest that at the bottom of the hole you use
a fork to loosen the dirt.

Now The Planting

Before setting the plant into the hole in the rose garden, I
suggest that you mix some farm manure into the loosened
dirt at the bottom. Trim any damaged roots and then set it
into the hole.
Now that the rose is set into the hole be sure that the loam
you put put around the plant is loose as well. Fill the hole to
about 2/3 - 3/4 and tap it down. Water the plant and the
dirt. Let the water settle then add the rest of the loam.
Be sure that the first bud spike is at least one inch below
the surface.

For dormant plants mound the soil over the plant so it will
not dry out. For plants that were in pots or containers there
is no need to mound the soil in the rose garden.
It is fine to have a few inches of mulch around the plant
base as this contains the moisture.


Roses should be watered about every 7 - 10 days and you
need to water the base of the plant. If you water the flower it
is easier for the plant to have disease infect it.
Although this presents as a diversion from orchids it is
definitely in line with our additional items we have added.

Planting Season

Planting can take place between mid October and mid
May. You should not plant or transplant after mid May until
October. Good growing in your rose garden.

Bob has become fascinated with orchids. Once it gets into your bloodstream it's hard to turn it off. Over a year ago I developed Orchids Plus More Web site full with information and also our Orchid Store. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
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