Plant Shrub Roses For Carefree Beauty

Ron King

Shrub roses are an easy, colorful choice to use anywhere you would plant a shrub.

Sturdy and Plant-Friendly

Unlike many roses, Shrub Roses are perfect for planting anywhere. They're "plant-friendly" and are good neighbors in any collection of flowers. Shrub Roses are also very winter-hardy, and they are highly disease-resistant.

These round, easily-maintained bushes are not small, either. Many older Shrub Roses can grow up to 6 feet in height. If desired, Shrub Roses can be trained to grow like tall hedges.

Privacy Screen or Hedge

Shrub roses are great as a screen or hedge plant for privacy, as a border, or a background. Although the flowers from Shrub Roses have little fragrance, they come in a wide assortment of vivid colors. Vibrant pinks, reds, whites, and yellows are all common for a shrub rose's abundant flowers.

Ground Cover or Hanging Basket

Several modern shrub roses have been popularized in recent years. Ground covers such as Cliffs of Dover, Flower Carpet and Jeepers Creepers have been treasured by homeowners with sloped or uneven lawns.

They also grow wonderfully in hanging baskets and containers. Regardless which variety you choose, Shrub Roses can be a wonderful feature at the entrance to your home.

How to Plant

Make sure the plant is in a very sunny location. Most Shrub Roses require a minimum of 8 hours of full sun on a daily basis. The direct light combined with moist soil ensures maximum flower production.

Dig a hole that is double the width and depth of the pot your shrub comes in. Use a sharp instrument to cut the plant away from the sides of the pot. Disturb the roots as little as possible. Once you have the plant free from its container, place it in the hole. Fill in the remaining space with loose soil and soak the plant with water.

Practically Maintenance-Free

Fortunately, Shrub Roses require very little maintenance. During the summer months, you'll probably need to water your shrubs twice a week. Keep the soil moist and you're done.

For gorgeous results and optimal growth, use organic fertilizer on your roses in the spring and fall. Pruning is not necessary, because it is basically self-cleaning. Shrub roses release their own dead foliage, creating a neat appearance through every season.

Some of the prettiest roses are "ever blooming." Purchase this type of shrub rose, and you'll have a recurrent bloomer that will flower profusely several times a year.

Before you plant another green shrub, consider planting a Shrub Rose instead. The most difficulty you'll have with this plant is deciding which one to buy!

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