Like Fall Flowers - A Tip To Care For Your Winter Garden Pond

Bob Roy

Just like caring for your fall flowers it is just as important to beware of what the needs are of your garden pond. Most garden ponds are built to give additional beauty to the area. Yes, these are becoming more common.

Some of these have fish which adds another dimension They are relatively easy to care for. In the colder climates there are some important tips I have for you. If you are susceptible to the water freezing you need to read on.

The debris that collects in the garden ponds can give off toxic waste including gases. Like fall flowers these toxic chemicals need a place to go. This is into the atmosphere.

If they can't escape they become trapped under the ice and can raise havoc with more bacteria being formed. If you have fish in your garden pond their internal systems will begin to suffer and could fail.

Part of fishes protection against disease is a slime protection over the fish including the gills. Toxins and bacteria break this down. You will notice the brilliant colors become dulled.
Protecting Your Garden Pond.

In the late fall you should partially remove debris that collects in the bottom of your pond. Removing this will diminish any toxins that will be given off. And the pond will do better over the winter and any fish will survive it.

Does this remind you of what you need to due with your fall flowers?

Do You Have Fish?

You should consider doing several things. First fish will do well if the pond freezes over providing there is a depth of 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep section. They will survive very well.

It will even be better if there is about 2 foot area that doesn't freeze over. You could use an aquarium oxygenator to help with this. If you have a pump that creates a small fountain it will keep a space ice free.

Don't over-feed your fish. They don't need as much food during the winter and the end of fall. Even early spring there no need to feed as much as during the summer months.

Some Experts Say...

...using some natural salt, that is, salt obtained by drying ocean water is good for your garden pond. It seems to help with the slime coating and also get rid of some of the bacteria and fungus that begin in garden ponds. Check with your garden expert to see about the dose of natural salt.
This may be a bit controversial but I would err on the side of doing it.

Although the onset of fall flowers should remind you about also taking care of your garden pond. This doesn't mean there is a great deal of work.

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